Octopus “La Cala Style”: our reinterpretation of the Octopus Salad

It is well known that the custom of cooking – and serving, octopus, in Sardinia, has ancient origins.
This tradition comes from the Mediterranean area and subsequently spread to many european countries.
The first record dates back to 1450-1400 BC, when we found the representation of an octopus over an ancient Crete vase.
Although other evidences are collected in the National Archeological Museum of Naples, the secret about octopus cooking were revealed first by the Sicilians. Beyond its origins, the octopus salad represent a typical dish of the Mediterranen diet. Each area prepares it according to its tradition but potatoes are one of the most appreciated combination. In addition to this classic ingredient, we add a slice of carasau bread, softened with fresh tomatoes.To enjoy this dish at its best, we recommend to match it with a dry, white wine.