Lorighittas: history and innovation of a typical sardinian dish

The secret of Lorighittas has very ancient origins and their tradition has been kept by the inhabitants of Morgongiori, a small town near Oristano in the center of Sardinia, often called “an open-air museum”. The first records of Lorighittas dates back to the 14th century, when this kind of pasta is mentioned among the goods sent to the King of Spain.

However, in this document, Lorighittas are called “Macaroni with a braided-shape”.
According to Morgongiori’s traditions, Lorighittas were made during All Saints, and served with a rooster sauce. Made with very simple ingredients – semolina, water and salt, this pasta requires a quite difficult elaboration process for its particular shape. Similar to a waved thread, it often resemble an earring. And for its shape it will surely remains stuck in your mind. Our version of Lorighittas keeps the traditional shapes: the pasta is skillfully processed by the expert hands of our Chef, who serves it with a sea-flavored twist that will surprise your palate.

A dish able to enhance the pasta’s flavour through the combination with baby squid and bottarga, two equally strong typical flavors of our island.